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Our construction supply services are the right fit for many of our customers. As a full-scale concrete and masonry supply house, we stock a full line of accessories and chemicals that are perfect for any project. Some products we stock, but not limited to are, concrete and masonry wire, insulation board, vapor barriers, stock rebar lengths, rebar and wire mesh chairs, sealers/cures and waterproofing's



One of the unique aspects of W Construction Supply, is our firm’s in-house custom rebar fabrication shop with project managers and draftsman to help you along the way during any project. Located just down the road from our main office, we have a state-of-the-art facility to bring the bones of any structure to life. Our fabrication experts can handle everything from a simple house foundation to a multi-level concrete superstructure.


We combine decades of experience in all areas of the Formwork business, allowing us to fully understand our clients requirements. We stock and rent a diverse range of formwork products ensuring the right solution for each project, including steel-ply handset forms, our Duraclamp system for quick assembly and movement, Magnum panels for large heavy-duty walls and Circa-Flex panels a variable radius wall forming system designed for circular or curved walls.



W Construction Supply also stocks and rents a wide range of shoring systems for the construction of all types of concrete structures. This helps us provide an integrated and value-added service. In addition we have draftsman ready to help along the way to ensure your system stays standing at all times, and our services and processes are designed to save you time and money on your next project.


To complement our forming and shoring solutions, W Construction Supply offers scaffold for sale and scaffolding rentals for projects of any size and scope. This is all supported by the greatest depth of expertise in labor and project management, to ensure your project get build right.

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